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CleanSeat Foaming Toilet Seat & Handle Cleaner - (12) 400 ml Refills

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  • Manufacturer:Technical Concepts/Rubbermaid
  • Accessory For:TC CleanSeat
  • Product Type:Foaming Toilet Seat & Handle Cleaner
  • Size:(12) 400ml Refills
  • SDS:Download SDS Sheet
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Item Description:

CleanSeat provides an added level of personal hygiene for toilet visitors. Simply apply the formula on a toilet tissue and wipe down toilet seats and washroom handles to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. CleanSeat’s alcohol-based solution removes dirt and bacteria and eliminates the need for messy and awkward seat covers. Available in an economic spray version or in a more luxurious foam version.

The refill solutions include a pleasant scent and are 99 percent biodegradable. The luxury foaming refill dispenses up to 1,000 shots, and the economic spray refill dispenses twice as much.

Quick Drying Solution Cleans Surfaces Just spray the solution on a toilet tissue, and then wipe the surfaces clean. The quick drying alcohol based spray is slowly absorbed by the tissue, but quickly evaporates on toilet seats and stall handles. Handle and seat are hygienic and ready for use in seconds.

Maintains High Standards of Hygiene Assuring that the washroom visit is hygienic, is priceless to the patrons of the facility. CleanSeat helps to maintain a high standard of seat and handle hygiene.

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